Joining the lab?

Joining the lab?

I am open to discuss proposals for hosting students and post-doctoral research fellows at ZFMK. If you are interested in joining the lab you should write a very brief outline of your research interests and future goals. I prefer students who develop their own projects and help with targeted fund raising, though I sometimes offer internships on specific topics of interest. When inquiring about opportunities make sure your project falls clearly within the scope of my research, so a good idea to start is checking our most recent papers. Plan your research stay well in advance, as any project requires preparation (funds, permits, etc.).

In the past, my group was very successful in getting scholarships from German organizations e.g.:

Scholarships for PhD and PostDoc students were also provided by foreign organizations such as:

Students who want to join my group at UESC in Brazil should contact me and follow the official inscription procedure for master and PhD students. Please note that positions are limited to 1-2 students per year.



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