Egypt Excursion 2021

Egypt Excursion 2021

We are just back from our first student excursion in 2021! Our 16 students explored during our two weeks trip marine life in Dahab, Egypt, and discovered over 260 species of fish and invertebrates. The impressive species richness resulted in numerous hours of determination based on thousands of photos and videos. Being highly motivated, we frequently skipped sleeping hours and started for early sunrise snorkeling and scuba diving.

Here are some of the most impressive photos.

Photo contest winner: Canyon, Olivia Beringhausen
Photo contest winner: The swarm, Olivia Berinhausen
Photo contest winner: Storm, Amelie Hagelücken
Photo contest winner: Bluespotted stingray, Simon Sommerfeld
Hiding in desert plants, Stephanie Adams
Sinai coast
Beduin dinner
Happy divers
Documenting biodiversity
A massive Euphylia
Ras Mohammad National Park
Diving with the students
Scorpion fish
Determining marine life
Seminars in the desert

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